Propack technologies Filter Holders are politely considered to hold up the membranes adjacent to the functional demands differential. These holders are obtainable in six different sizes to hold 90mm, 142mm and 293 mm distance covering filters. The membrane holders in combination with membrane filters are used for sterile filtration of pharmaceutical and biological solutions. On a production scale either a 293 mm or a 142 mm dia holder is used. The selection of the holder depends upon the volume of the liquid to be filtered in a day. both the 293 mm and 142 mm.Membrane filter holders are available in different sizes to hold 13, 25, 47, 90, 142 and 293 mm Membrane filters. The production scale filter holders are also offered with inbuilt bubble test arrangement.

Available in 142 mm & 293 mm.
Bubble test arrangement can be provided.
MOC SS 316 / 316L.

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