Pharma Machines joined with Waukesha Cherry in Burrell (U.S.A.) for bringing newer technologies and correspond to the group for Colloid Mill, as the sole distributors for the Indian Market.

Colloid Mill :-

Shearing/mixing allows make handled, remarkably sheared, homogeneous dispersions in addition to firm emulsions. A extensive range of manufactured goods or service thickness might be highly processed, limited only from the utmost 150 psig (10 bar) inlet stress. Better viscosity products tend to be highly processed with reduce circulation costs to be within the stress restriction. Usual applications consist of greens salad dressing, mayonnaise, liquid egg cell homogenization, tomato structured sauces in addition to different individual care products including creams.

Features & Specifications :-

  • Up to 50% more flow rate with less heat than other mills
  • Easy to adjust; calibrated ring sets spacing; no special tools; less downtime; may be adjusted while operating
  • Easy to disassemble, only 7 basic parts; cleaning and inspection quick and easy; may also be cleaned in place
  • Longer bearing and seal life; shaft and bearing position independent of clearance adjustment; quieter operation
  • Sanitary design for processing food or pharmaceutical products
  • Flow rates: 400 to 2000 GPH (1500 to 7570 liters/hr.)

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